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    • ODROID-VU8C : 8inch Touch Display Shell Kit

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      ODROID-VU8C : 8inch Touch Display Shell Kit

      8inch multi-touch screen for ODROID-C2 and C1+
      It gives users the ability to create all-in-one, integrated projects such as tablets, game consoles, infotainment systems and embedded systems. 

      Just input a 5V/4A DC to the LCD Shell and power up the C2 and C1+ as well as display. 
      This high-quality wide viewing angle LCD touchscreen is specifically designed to work with both Android and Linux on the ODROID-C1+ and  ODROID-C2.


      - 8-inch TFT-LCD
      - Screen Resolution: 1024x768 pixels (4:3 ratio)
      - 10 finger capacitive touch input (USB ID 18D1:4E12)
      - Back-light brightness control with ODROID GPIO PWM
      - Max Power consumption : 1.1A/5Volt (Only LCD and display controller)
      - Viewing angle : Left 75, Right 75, Up 75, Down 75 degree
      - Screen Dimensions : 189 x 149 x 29 mm 
      - Viewable screen size : 162 x121.5 mm (active area)

      Detail WiKi guide : https://wiki.odroid.com/accessory/display/vu_series/vu8/vu8

      Package include

      A. Assembled 8inch TFT LCD + 10 points multi touch screen
      B. Plastic bottom case
      C. Converter board
      D. HDMI dual gender board
      E. 8 x 3.5mm screws 
      F. 2port jumper cable
      G. Micro-to-Micro USB Cable (approx. 8cm)
      H. Micro-to-TypeA USB Cable (approx. 20cm) 

      ** 5V/4A Power supply is sold separately

      Please read our WiKi guide if you need any driver configuration.

      VU8_a.jpg VU8_b.jpg VU8_c.jpg
      Ethernet port and 2x USB host ports
      Vent hole and cutting line for the 40pin GPIO port.  5V/4A PSU input

      Please take special care when assemble it.
      VU8Ass0.jpg Plug the HDMI dual gender board to the converter board. It is easier to fit the HDMI dual gender board with this angle. 
      VU8Ass01.jpg Plug it tight. Check the connector. 
      VU8Ass02.jpg Plug the ODROID-C2 / C1+ to the other connector on the HDMI dual gender board. 
      VU8Ass03.jpg Plug it tight for stable HDMI connectivity. 
      VU8Ass04.jpg The HDMI signal is connected. 
      VU8Ass30.jpg Skip this process if backlight control is not necessary. 

      Add the script to “/etc/rc.local” in your source code for backlight control.

      Plug the jumper cable to the GPIO pin #33 and #35. 
      Plug the other side of the cable to the converter board. Please check the color of the cable in the picture again.
      VU8Ass31.jpg Check the place of the pin. 
      VU8Ass07.jpg Plug the micro to micro USB cable. 
      It gives the C2 or C1+ the power via the converter board. 
      You are supposed to input 5V/4A PSU to the converter board for the whole system. 
      VU8C_add1.jpg The two jumper pins must be plugged to input the power via the microUSB connector. 
      VU8Ass08.jpg Plug the standard to micro USB cable for touch signal between C2 / C1+ and converter board. 
      VU8Ass09.jpg Place the assembled board on the bottom case and put the screws. 
      VU8Ass10.jpg Put screws on the screw hole of the C2 / C1+ board. 
      VU8Ass11.jpg Install the eMMC Module / MicroSD card. 
      It is not possible changing the eMMC module or microSD card after full assembly. 
      VU8Ass12.jpg Slide out open the 40pin connector slot. 
      VU8Ass14.jpg Insert the 40pin FPCB into the connector slot. 
      The LCD signal goes to the converter board via this FPCB. 
      VU8Ass15.jpg Lock the slot. 
      VU8Ass18.jpg Open the 6pin connector. The door must open by 90degree up.
      VU8Ass19.jpg Insert the 6pin FPCB into the connector carefully with tweezers.
      The dark part must be inserted correct. 
      The touchscreen signal goes to the converter board via this 6pin FPCB.

      This is one of the most difficult step. If the 6pin FPCB is not inserted correct, it will be loosen and touch signal disconnected. 
      VU8Ass20.jpg Close the door. 
      VU8Ass21.jpg Check the 40pin and 6pin FPCBs connection. 

      LCD : 40pin / 20.5mm
      Touch screen : 6pin / 3.5mm
      VU8Asscaselocking.jpg Check the hooks and locking holes on the bottom case before you close the front piece.
      VU8Ass22.jpg Close the case. 
      Make sure not to damage the FPCBs and system inside the case which is fragile. 
      VU8Ass23.jpg Press the side of the bottom case reasonably hard to hook the locking parts. 
      Check the location of hook and locking parts. 
      VU8Ass32.jpg Put the screws on 4 corner side of the screw hole. 



      Known issues.
      1.  It is very hard to assemble and disassemble due to complicated mechanical design. 
      Be careful when you open the cover. Otherwise, you will break the LCD interface flexible cable.
      2. Old OS images might not support the touch screen. You need to update the OS or Kernel.

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