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PT2322 6 Kanal Audio Entegre

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PT2322 6-Channel Audio Processor IC

This is an ineresting chip and is very flexible for audio control. It's designed as a 5.1 audio processor enabling you to control your audio setup from your Arduino. Oddwires has the only library written for the Arduino for this device. Download it here: Library and Example. You could use the 6 channels to control an active amplifier using 3 channels for hi/mid/lo over two channels.  Very cost-effective if you use any of the chip amps we have on the site. There is also a PCB board for LM1875/TDA2030 amps avilable on the site. You'll find the library and example on the documents page.

PT2322 is a 6-Channel Audio Processor IC utilizing CMOS Technology specially designed for audio applications. 6-channel individual input, 6-channel master volume control, 6-channel individual volume trim control, 3-band tone control(treble, middle, and bass), mute function, 3D effect function, tone defeat function are all built into a single chip having the highest performance and reliability with few extenal components. Furthermore, the pin assignments and application circuit are optimized for easy PCB Layout and cost saving benefits. Housed in a 28 pin DIP Package, PT2322 is a great solution for micro-controller audio applications.


  • Very Low Power Consumption (DC=9V)
  • I2C Bus Control
  • 6-Channel Individual Input
  • 6-Channel Master Volume Control: 0 to -79 dB (1 dB/step)
  • 6-Channel Individual Output TRIM Volume Control: 0 to -15 dB (1dB/step)
  • 3-Band Tone Control (Treble, Middle, Bass): + 14dB , 2dB/step
  • Mute Function
  • 3D Effect Function
  • Tone Defeat Function
  • Low Noise
  • High Channel Separation
  • Low Harmonic Distortion
  • Few External Components
  • Easy to Use
  • 28-pin DIP Package


  • Internet Radio controller
  • Audio/Visual System controller
  • Multi-Media Speakers controller
  • PC Audio controller
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