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ODROID-HC1 : Home Cloud One

75,00 USD + KDV
İndirimli Fiyat (%6,7) :
70,00 USD + KDV
Kazancınız 5,00 USD
KDV Dahil:
2.394,00 TL
Havale / EFT:
2.334,15 TL
422,50 TL'den başlayan taksit seçenekleri için tıklayın.
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ODROID-HC1 : Home Cloud One

ODROID-HC1 is a mini PC which can be an affordable solution for a network attached storage (NAS) server. This home cloud-server centralizes data and enables users to share and stream multimedia files to phones, tablets and other devices on a network. Ideal for a single user on many devices, sharing between family members, developers or a group. Tailor the ODROID-HC1 to your specific needs. Plenty of software is available with only simple configuration. Determine the storage capacity of your server with a higher HDD/SSD. Depending on your needs, the frame is made to be stackable.

The HC1 is based on the very powerful ODROID-XU4 platform and it can run Samba, FTP, NFS, SSH, NGINX, Apache, SQL, Docker, WordPress and other server software smoothly with full Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Arch and OMV. Available and ready-to-go OS distributions are on our WiKi. Any OS for XU4 is fully compatible with the HC1.
Installed with a high performance SATA port and a Gigabit Ethernet port, to build a faster network storage device. Engineered metal frame body is designed to store a 2.5 inch HDD/SSD with great heat dissipation. 

Key features
* Samsung Exynos5422 Cortex-A15 2Ghz and Cortex-A7 Octa core CPUs
* 2Gbyte LPDDR3 RAM PoP stacked
* SATA port for 2.5inch HDD/SSD storage
* Gigabit Ethernet port
* USB 2.0 Host
* UHS-1 capable micro-SD card slot for boot media
* Size : 147 x 85 x 29 mm approx.(including Aluminium cooling frame)
* Linux server OS images based on modern Kernel 4.9 LTS

* We guarantee the production of ODROID-HC1 to the middle of 2020, but expect to continue production long after.  
ODROID-HC1withrouter.jpg Example of setup

The basic setup requires additional items as below. 

- 1 x 8GB microSD card for OS installation
- 1 x 2.5inch HDD or SSD
- 1 x 5V/4A Power Supply
- 1 x Router
- 1 x Ethernet cable

ODROID-HC1 is stackable

Technical Detail :


PCB mechanical drawings (AutoCAD format) :

Regulatory Compliance Documents : KCC / FCC / CE





Gigabit Ethernet and Storage Performance Benchmark


Power consumption analysis

CPU Samsung Exynos-5422 : Cortex?-A15 and Cortex?-A7 big.LITTLE processor with 2GByte LPDDR3 RAM
PMIC Samsung S2MPS11 9 high-efficiency Buck, 1 Buck-Boost regulators, RTC and 38 LDOs. Contact Samsung for more information
Ethernet controller Realtek RTL8153 The Realtek RTL8153-CG 10/100/1000M Ethernet controller combines an IEEE 802.3u compliant Media Access Controller (MAC), USB 3.0 bus controller. QFN-48 Package
USB Load Switch  NCP380 Protection IC for USB power supply from OnSemi.
Input Power protector TPS25925 Over-voltage, Over-current protection IC from TI 
LED indicator Red LED is solid on when the power supply is connected.
Blue LED is blinking to show the status of operating system.
Green LED is blinking to show the SATA storage operation.

Two LEDs on the RJ45 Ethernet jack.
Green Flashes when there is 100Mbps connectivity
Yellow Flashes when there is 1000Mbps connectivity
IO Ports SATA, Gbit Ethernet RJ45, USB 2.0 Host x 1, UART for serial console
Storage slot Micro-SD slot, SATA connector
DC Input 5V / 4A input, Plug specification is inner diameter 2.1mm and outer diameter 5.5mm

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Stok KoduDEV-02006
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