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Artillery SW-X2 Newest Version ABL Auto Calibration 3d Printer 300*300*400mm Larger Printed Size High Precision 0.05MM FFF

Artillery SW-X2 3D Printer Functions : ABL Auto-calibration / Ultra-quiet Operation / Printed Fault Detection / AC Heated Bed / Power Loss Detection & Recovery / Filament Runout Sensor / Inductive Endstop / Patented Couplers / Colorful Touch Screen

<Phenomenally Quiet > The powerful power brought by the TMC2209 stepper motor drive also significantly reduces the noise level, so that the artillery Sidewinder X2 fdm 3d printers has a hushed operating sound even working at fast speeds, not exceeding 50 decibels when working, good for home use, making you almost forget it working.

<Intelligent power supply> Optimize the voltage range,100V-220V wide voltage switch. Combined with the upgraded AC hot bed cabel, can heat the hot bed to 230°F in 2 minutes. With built in thermal runaway protection, even if the board or the SSR malfunctioned, the bed won?t heat up endlessly, even bad things happen.

<Synchronized Dual Z System> There are 3 inductive sensor end stop separately set on XYZ axis while those non-touch, high-precision limit switches can automatically calibrate and maintain good stability under high-speed printing. Most importantly, features Synchronized Dual Z System greatly increase its printing stability.

<Self-developed motherboard> The self-developed 32-bit motherboard greatly stabilizes the printing speed, and print quality of the large artillery sidewinder X2 3d-printer; the print speed can reach up to 150 mm/s. Dynamic leveling compensation?intellisense 5*5 auto leveling, more accurate measurement of the inclination of the hot bed plane, to achieve better printing results for beginners.

<Upgrade Cable Manager> On the basis of 95% pre-assembled of SWX1, the use of injection jigs reinforces the previously connected parts of the robin cable and the machine, making it less susceptible to damage, connection stable performance of SWX1 robbin cable is improved and easier to maintain, and easier to install.

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Stok KoduCNC-03042
Stok DurumuStokta Yok.

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